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多款早餐當中以麥當勞的珍寶套餐最高脂,有36g脂肪,雞蛋和薯餅在製作過程時加入了大量油分。而且鬆餅在烘培時都加入了牛油,再加上塗在鬆餅上的牛油令這份早餐的脂肪量大大提升。另外,以比較快捷方便的餐蛋治為例,雖然看起來份量不大,但其實吃一份就已經吸收到26g 脂肪,比一碟炒麵還要多。





【What do you pick for breakfast?】Mornings are usually the toughest time of the day, snoozing and struggling to wake up in bed, most of the people do not have spare time for breakfast in the morning.They tend to grab a quick breakfast on the way instead, due to limited options, those breakfast often contain processed meats, and some are high in fat content.

Among these breakfast options, McDonald’s jumbo set has the highest fat content, with 36g of fat. Scrambled eggs and hash brown are added with a large amount of oil during cooking. Also, a large amount of butter is added to the english muffins during baking, which increases the fat content of this breakfast.

Moreover, it is surprising that a serving of spam and egg sandwich has a higher fat content than a serving of fried noodles.

Another popular option for breakfast, fish siu mai, contains 18g of fat in one serving (10 pcs), which is equivalent to the fat content of about three bowls of macaroni soup with ham. What is more surprising is that the fat content of a small blueberry muffin is the same as that of ten fish siu mai, this is due to the large amount of butter added for baking.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore we have to eat well. There are many convenient and easy to grab options nowadays, such as: tea braised egg, onigiri, cheese and egg sandwich etc, all of these are healthy and nutritious.If you have enough time before heading to work or school, steamed sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, chicken and vegetable rice noodles soup are some ideal breakfast options. Enjoy your breakfast!

Negimen Team is always here to support and provide healthy eating tips. Visit our website, subscribe and follow for more information! Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any enquiry.

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